About Mosolar™ Ltd.

Solar Water Heating is a technology that every homeowner can use to effectively save money on utility bills. Water heating is the largest user of Electricity or Gas in most local household. Mosolarâ„¢ Ltd. is offering you a range of products that would suit your daily needs. First of all, it is a free source of energy from the sun can meet 80% or more of your hot water requirements.

The Mosolarâ„¢ Solar Water Heaters are passive system because it has no moving parts and operates on local water pressure and solar radiation to provide your household with hot water.

On the other hand, solar water heating has always been the most cost effective renewable source of energy and environment friendly.

Mosolar Ltd. is an established company since 1979 and has been providing and implementing it's Mosolarâ„¢ Solar Water Heaters for both domestic & industrial use.

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